ZK Builders Program Nov/Dec ’22: ZkAppPool

ZkAppPool: A zkApp for Mina Protocol by Gareth Davies
A zkApp based staking pool for Mina Protocol (WIP) developed for the zkApp builders program. The aim of the project is to research and improve the mechanisms for MINA staking pool payouts. 
The overarching goal is to develop a trust-minimized zkApp staking pool such that anyone can, in the case of last resort, force a payout from a validator. A zkApp should verify the payout calculation, and a validator can also not steal funds, which could be held in a coinbase receiver account with permissions to only send via a valid proof. This zkApp was built by Gareth Davie (garethtdavies#4963 – discord  ID) as part of the ZkApps Builders Program Nov/Dec 2022.
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