ZK Builders Program Nov/Dec ’22: ZK-Airdrop Tool

ZK-Airdrop Tool: A zkApp for Mina Protocol
This Mina ZK-Airdrop Tool works as a way to prove a user owns a particular address to claim tokens and prevent double claiming in a private manner. Built by Aodhgan (aodhgan#9221 – discord ID) as part of the ZkApps Builders Program Nov/Dec 2022.
This is an implementation of a private Merkle Tree based airdrop built using Mina Protocol smart contracts and snarkyJS, intended to have similar functionality to the popular a16z repo. Without revealing their address (public key), a user can claim their airdrop. The presence of MerkleMap based nullifiers prevent double-claiming. The zk-contract is also a custom token by way of inheritance.
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