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SNAPP – Much Flip Game

Much Flip Coin is a “very hard” (much hard, jk) game built with SnarkyJS. You’ll have to guess what your computer thinks and you’ll have to defeat it.


With this repository I wanted to create an engaging and fun experience to getting started with SnarkyJS. The logic of the game is very simple. The game is played in rounds, at the beginning of each round the code picks a “Heads” or “Tails”, you as a player, you’ll have to guess what the the code picked.

How it works under the hood

The game-logic is simple. The user starts the game, the game deploys the contract, the app sets the winning side with a transaction and then the user sends a transaction with the guessed side. Technically the project is divided in two parts. The “smart contract” logic in the folder src/snapp and the “rest of the logic/UI” in the src/lib.

Obviously the interesting part lies in the folder snapp. In the snapp folder there are two files:

  • contract.ts
  • helpers.ts

The contract.ts is the actual contract which hosts two methods startRound() and submitGuess(). The helpers.ts are all the helpers to invoke the contract methods (e.g. variables casting, validation etc.). For full info click here > 

By Carbonara
Read the Snapps Documents here >

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