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Project Description (by developers)

In a high-value exchange, the seller might not deliver after payment, or the buyer might share to others, depriving the seller of expected sales.

Vmina provides a secure video marketplace. On Vmina, video data is protected from third-party access using ZKP by sharing only a low resolution version. Creators can then easily and securely sell their videos to users. Buyers know they will receive the video after payment. Everyone can trust even for high-value transactions.

[How it works]

1.Seller uploads high resolution video
2.Vmina auto-generates low-resolution preview images
3.Seller provides the proof of ownership of high-resolution video
4.Potential buyers can confirm with cryptographic proof
5.Upon payment, high resolution video is securely delivered in a trustless environment

How it’s Made

Prove that the user is the owner of the video

1.Store Video to Livepeer: The actual video is shared to only who purchased NFT
2.Slice Images from Video
3.Generate data for zk proof: Compress Image using Bilinear Interpolation(low-res). Convert to RGB pixel array
4.Generate & Verify proof: Prove such that “low-res image is downsized from high-res image” without revealing the high-res image
Public Input: low-res RGB array. Private Input: high-res RGB array

More Info

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