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Propose and Vote on Dao Proposals anonymously using zeroKnowledge

Project Description (by developers)

We use the MINA stack to writes ZK DAO Tooling in TypeScript. DAO members can anonymously create DAO proposals and vote on it. Voting runs for an hour after the first vote and ends when the threshold is reached or an hour passes, whichever is earliest. Once Passed , it’s up to the DAO to specify the action the proposal should take, currently we change the on-chain storage to 1337 ,cause why not. We also allow DAO members to mint and burn tokens to any address they prefer. We also have integrated with a front end which talks to the smart contract thats deployed to the berkeley testnet. with some functionality with the rest of it on the local test blockchain.

How it’s Made

We use MINA’s zk-cli and their templates to build the smart contract and transaction execution libraries along with nextjs and typescript to run a server which integrates with the smart contract. We are also trying to integrate with their auro wallet, but have some trouble getting it to work, but hopefully it’ll be done by the time we need to present it. We are using on-chain values for date time stamp , token mints/burns for DAO management and working on merkle proofs to accomodate more DAO members which is currently limited by the 8 Field elements available on-chain.

More Info

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