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There are still many privacy concerns in the blockchain ecosystem for both the user and companies, we have seen cases like Tornadocash that showed to us how fragile and important security and privacy are. In that sense, we are building ZK-app which allows everyone to create a stealth address using Mina protocol ( We focused our solution on businesses first as they are affected by this traceability problems when paying suppliers, managing cashflows investments and contracts, also handling payrolls, and dealing with partnerships , but it could be use by anyone involved in Mina Protocol.

How it’s Made

We used zk-app CLI to develop our ZK-APP and smart contracts, also we used snarkyJS to build and use different cryptographic algorithms ( such as the elliptic curve algorithm). Additionally, we used different snarkyJS functions to finish our smart contracts, our main focus was building a smart contract that could be used by anyone in Mina’s ecosystem that is interested on adding privacy to transactions The project uses Mina to create a ZkApp that checks certain data points about a user such as their credit score and their average monthly income over the last two years to facilitate mortgage extensions without having to expose other data points, thus increasing personal privacy throughout the process.
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