ETHMexico 2022 – New zkApps

EthMexico 2022 was a fantastic event and the teams from both O(1) Labs and Mina Foundation were there to demonstrate the power of zero knowledge Mina Protocol, zkApps to the attendee’s. The Mina Foundation also sponsored a hackathon and you can see some of the new WIP zkApps on the website HERE. Below is a brief outline of the new zkApps.


A ZK-app which allows everyone to create a stealth address using Mina protocol.


Retrieve your private keys without ever exposing them and before giving you access, ensuring you are you. 


A ZkApp that checks certain data points about a user such as their credit score and their average monthly income over the last two years to facilitate mortgage extensions without having to expose other data points, thus increasing personal privacy throughout the process.

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