Want to Build? Check out the zkApps Toolkit

Are you looking to get involved in the zk space and build apps on the best zk platform out there (Mina Protocol). Right now all zkApps are currently in development or WIP in preparation for launch on Mainnet.

If you would like to know more about this innovative and ground breaking work you can find some resources on the O(1) Labs Github page here >

This repo contains all official and community-created resource related to zkApp development. The resources gathered here help new beginner to intermediate level developers learn more about zkApps, how to build zkApps, and how to contribute to the Mina ecosystem.

Other resources
zkApps docs overview
How zkApp work
How to write a zkApp
SnarkyJS API reference

Illumninate: Genesis Summit, June 2021 – zkApp Architecture & Progress
Video Recording

ZKHack Workshop, Dec 2021 – Intro to SnarkyJS and zkApps with Mina
Video Recording

zkApps Bootcamp, Dec 2021 – Intro & Session #1
Video Recording

zkApps Bootcamp, Dec 2021 – Session #2 & Presentations
Video Recording

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